This page provides a number of tools and calculators to help with playing Final Fantasy IV.

Map Viewer
Alows you to explore the Final Fantasy IV universe with a simple point-and-click interface.
Seed Finder
Helps you determine which seed you are on during a speedrun with a simple mouse-based interface.
Grind Finder
Helps you find a grind fight with a simple mouse-based interface.
Treasure Checker
Given an SRAM file, determines which treasures you have missed.
Experience Route Calculator
Helps you calculate an experience route for a speedrun.
Any% NoCW GP Calculator
Determines if you have a safe amount of GP, and if not, how to make it safe during an Any% NoCW run.
Any% NoCW In-Game Timer Calculator
Determines if your in-game timer is safe for Any% NoCW runs. Replaces the so-called Bacon Chart.