Game Information

This section provides detailed data directly from the game.

Game Versions

There are five versions of the game for the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom:

The original version of the game released in Japan for the SFC.
Japan Rev 1
A second version released in Japan that fixed a few critical bugs.
The first version released in North America. Fixed some issues from the Japan Rev 1 release, and made several changes that either made the game easier or more difficult depending on your perspective.
USA Rev 1
The second version released in North America. Fixed some bugs from the previous release.
Exclusive to Japan, this version of the game fixed a few bugs on top of the USA Rev 1 release, as well as made additional changes to make the game even easier. While it used the Japanese script, the text was simplified to some extent for younger players.

Note that it is a common misconception that the USA release is the same as Easytype. The original Japanese release seems to be quite rare, with Rev 1 being more common. In the USA, the original version seems slightly more common than the Rev 1 version, but both are readily available.

Game Data