Experience Route Calculator

This tool will help you evaluate your experience route for a Final Fantasy IV speedrun.

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This tool allows you explore different experience routes for the Final Fantasy IV speedrun. Choose a route at the top, and then review the route. You can mark characters as alive or dead for a battle by clicking on their name. Bold characters are alive. Characters without links are in the shadow party and cannot be manipulated.

In addition, for battles where it is feasible to kill more than the default number of a given monster, an input box is provided for you to modify the count.

If your chosen experience route does not meet all the requirements of the route, warnings will be displayed at the top.

The tool is currently very ugly and wastes a lot of space. This may or may not change in the future, but I would be open to someone redesigning the interface.

There is currently no reset functionality. If you wish to reset, simply refresh the page or switch to another route and then back.