Pre-Mist Clip Seed 181 Step Route

Route Overview

Final Fantasy IV Pre-Mist Clip (version 20)
Route Time
76.611s (saves 0.000s)
Route Encounters
1 (saves 0 encounters)
Optional Steps
Extra Steps

Route Description

Alternate Route

This route is a non-standard route that has no tutorial or summary data. As a result, the only tab that works here is the Detail tab. If you're using this route, I presume you know what you're doing.

Castle Baron                                              Seed: 181   Index:   0
  Optional Steps: 0
Overworld (Baron)                                         Seed: 181   Index:  48
Misty Cave                                                Seed: 181   Index:  65
Battle: D.Mist                                            Seed: 181   Index: 175
Misty Cave                                                Seed: 181   Index: 175
Overworld (Mist)                                          Seed: 181   Index: 176
  Step  11: 1 / Sandpede x1, Sand Man x2 (7.125s)
Overworld (Kaipo)                                         Seed: 181   Index: 188