Octomamm% (Cecil+Kain+Darkness) Seed 49 Step Route

Route Overview

Final Fantasy IV Octomamm% (Cecil+Kain+Darkness) (version 6)
Route Time
236.145s (saves 6.979s)
Route Encounters
8 (saves 6 encounters)
Optional Steps
Extra Steps

Route Description

Archived Route

This route is currently archived. This means that it has not been updated to work with the latest optimizer. This could be for a couple of reasons. Either it's deprecated or silly, or I simply haven't gotten around to it. Either way, the result is that the only tab that works here is the Detail tab. If you're using this route, I presume you know what you're doing.

World Map (Kaipo)
  Step  27: 1 / Sandpede x1, Sand Man x2 (6.756s)
  Step  47: 2 / SandMoth x2, Larva x2 (6.745s)
  Step  58: 3 / Sand Man x4 (6.863s)
  Step  61: 4 / Imp x4 (6.657s)
Watery Pass-South B1F
Watery Pass-South B2F
  Step  39: 5 / EvilShel x3, WaterBug x1 (7.059s)
  Step  58: 6 / EvilShel x3, WaterBug x1 (7.059s)
Watery Pass-South Save Room
  Extra Steps: 112
Watery Pass-South B2F
Watery Pass-South B3F
  Extra Steps: 6
Watery Pass-North B2F
  Step  21: 7 / Zombie x4 (7.142s)
Watery Pass-North B1F
World Map (Kaipo)
Waterfalls B1F
  Extra Steps: 18
Waterfalls B2F
Waterfalls Lake
  Step  30: 8 / Aligator x1, Pike x2 (7.227s)
Battle: Octomamm